Partnership in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Blockchain Technology:


G20’s mission is to improve the state of our national security through the delivery of real life and effective solutions and services to government and private sector entities and individuals. The success of our global security firm is built upon our ability to meet the specialized needs and requirements of our clients. Our vigilance in developing and delivering innovative solutions and services has been the root of our core business practices since our inception.

In support of our mission to benefit people and society, G20 is seeking opportunities to invest and partner with research and private sector companies and organizations that focus on the advancement and development of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning technologies.  

Our main goal is to advance a broader public understanding and awareness of A.I. by sharing insights into A.I.’s core technologies and potential benefits. We will act as a trusted partner on A.I. for society and the security industry, and will work to increase public understanding of how A.I. is progressing in relation to safety and security.

If you are a Partner, Owner or a Decision maker in the field of A.I. technologies and would like to foster a positive relationship and begin a dialogue on how we can assist each other in this venture, Please contact us below.


Jack Oswald, President and Founder

Artificial Intelligence