High-Net-Worth Individual & Family Services 

Protecting What Matters Most.

Designed for clients who have a lot to protect and need to evaluate the current state of their personal, organizational & family security protocols.Private Client Security

The activities we engage in and the places we meet are increasingly vulnerable to emerging threats. While protecting your home is still important, extending that proactive mindset to other aspects of your life can make all the difference.

When should a wealthy family evaluate their security needs?

  • High profile businesses
  • Multiple properties 
  • Diverse global assets
  • Children in high profile situations
  • Social media threats & harassment
  • Extensive international travel
  • Large & Unvetted Personal Staff

Our Core Services Include:

  • Home, Workplace & School Safety
  • Travel Safety
  • Social Media & Technical Safety
  • Lifestyle Assessment Consulting

Client Confidentiality: 

We take extreme measures to ensure that client confidential information is well protected.  G20 will never reveal information about our clients to a third party without the consent of the client or a clear legal reason.


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